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NETWORKING;1- Netwwork Troubleshooting;Experts-Exchange ( is one of the best places to get answers to any computer-related problems.;The way it works is that people will post their computer/networking problems and "Experts" would try to help them by troubleshooting the problems.;Now, go to: Scroll down and see the ?Open Questions?, meaning questions that nobody has posted an answer to.;This is a long list of problems that nobody has provided explanations for.;Look through a few of them, and then select one that is related to networking.;Come back here and post the problem that you found and research on the Internet on the possible source of the problem and how to fix it.;2- NETWORK TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS;I have a network with several subnets, several switches, and a firewall / router.;I use DHCP and an internal DNS server. All of a sudden, a workstation that has worked for months loses connectivity to sites it has used regularly.;Define a troubleshooting regimen that will help you isolate the problem and fix it.;CYBESECURITY (Your response should be 150+ words in length and include APA format references and citations.);3- Prevent, Detect, Respond, Control and deter Attacks;Select one of the Critical Infrastructure Key Sectors (as defined by DHS Name the top three cybersecurity threats to this sector and provide detection/mitigation/incident response recommenations. Use the " prevent, detect, respond, control, and deter " framework in your explanation.;4- ANTIVIRUS- SILVER BULLET?;Take a moment to review the malware and spam statistics on these reputable sites;;;;Here's the scenario... Your boss is resistant to spending any more budget on the cybersecurity program because the company has a "top of the line", expensive antivirus solution. Using statistics from the websites I've provided and at least 2 additional sources to prepare an "elevator speech" for him/her to secure funding for at least one additional technology (your choice).


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