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Telecommunications Certification Organization Mcqs




1. (TCO1)________ are designed for the input of text and to control the operation of the computer. (points: 5);-CRT monitors;- Keyboards;-Printers;-Thumb drives;2. (TCO 1) The _______, which is located in the desktop computer case, is the main circuit board for a PC. (points: 5);-PCI bus;-Motherboard;-Microprocessor;-ROM chip;3. (TCO 2) The ______ desktop is the default desktop for Red Hat?s distribution of Fedora 17 (points: 5);-Fluxbox;-KDE;-GNOME;-Windows;4. (TCO 2) You can use the Fedora 17 ______ to review summary information about the system. (points: 5);-system monitor;-task manager;-system profiler;-CPUINFO;5. (TCO 3) NTFS supports disk _______, which means that individual users can be limited to the amount of hard drive space. (points: 5);-writes;-formatting;-Quotas;-FAT;6. (TCO 3) From the ______ tab of the Windows 7 Local Disk Properties dialog box, you can se the NTFS permissions that control access to data on the hard drive. (Points: 5);-security;-general;-tools;-sharing;7. (TCO 4) ______, which is located in the desktop computer case, is the electronic holding area for programs and data. (Points: 5);-The power supply;-The cooling system;-Memory;-Firmware;8. (TCO 4) You can connect up to _______ USB peripherals with five levels of hubs to a single USB host controller. (Points: 5);-25;-50;-100;-127;9. (TCO 5) Mobile devices can run each app in a ______-a separated space from other apps. (points: 5);-phishing;-sandbox;-start-up;-rotation;10. (TCO 5) In Windows, you can use the ______ feature to access system tools that require administrative privileges and determine the cause of a problem (Points: 5);-author;-run as administrator;-open with admin;-send to;11. (TCO 6) In Windows 7, a(n) _______ partition contains an OS (Points: 5);-extended;-logical;-active;-system reserved;12.(TCO 6) NTFS supports disk ______, which means that individual users can be limited on the amount of hard drive space available to them (Points: 5);-Writes;-Formatting;-quotas;-FAT;13. (TCO 7) You can test connectivity by the Windows 7 command prompt using the _______ command (points: 5);-format;-rd;-select;-ping;14. (TCO 7) You can use the Windows 7 _______ feature when you need to locate a file or folder. (points: 5);-look-up;-find;-search;-locate;15. (TCO 7) If you used a version of Windows before Windows 7, you may have used the ______ Start menu, which is no longer installed (points: 5);-Basic;-General;-Comprehensive;-Classic;16. (TCO 8) Fedora 17 organizes files in a hierarchical structure similar to Windows 7 but uses the term ______ instead of folders. (Points: 5);-directories;-containers;-trees;-objects;17. (TCO 8) The amount of memory that can be addressed by the processor is called _______ memory (points: 5);-logical;-physical;-random;-upper;18. (TCO 9) To page through a list of Fedora 17 directories and files on a disk (or any list that is too long for a one-screen display), use the ______ command (Points: 5);-chroot;-dirs;-dirname;-more;19. (TCO 9) In the Fedora 17 CLI, you create a directory using the ______ command (points: 5);-mkdir;-chdir;-md;-cd;20. (TCO 9) In Fedora 17, you can use the ______ command to search a file and then print all the lines that match your search (Points: 5);-more;-less;-tail;-grep;21. (TCO 9) In the Windows CLI, you can view files and directories using the _______ command (Points: 5);-Tree;-DIR;-CD;-MD;22. (TCO 10) To hide a directory named Secret, you would type _______. (points: 5);- DIR +H Secret;-DIR ?H Secret;-ATTRIB +H Secret;-ATTRIB _H Secret;23. (TCO 10) Use the _______ sign with another command to redirect the output of a program (Points: 5);- >;-;- +;- *;24. (TCO 11) Whenever a program or command is executed, the kernel assigns an identification number called a(n) ______ to the process. (points: 5);-SUID;-PID;-GUID;-UID;25. TCO (11) To open the System Information window from a command prompt, use the ________ command (points: 5);-IPCONFIG;-MAP;-MSINFO32;-MD


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