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Paraphrasing and Computer Database




Hi;Please see attachment. I want you to parapharse and re-write the content which is written with red ink on the attached file. I need it perfect plz.;Apart from paraphrasing red content, I also want you to add about 2-3 pages on following........... Also i need add some information like history for these databases short history(Oracle and Microsoft access) and what are languages can be used inside these databases (The references for this section). Examples of programming languages supported by these databases. Everything need to be referenced and intext cited.;refrences for this titles are;MS: MS SQL and Visual Basic;?Oracle: Java Programming and SQLJ;(Ledeczi, et al, 2001 & Price, 2001).;1- Ledeczi, A., Maroti, M., Bakay, A., Karsai, G., Garrett, J., Thomason, C.,... & Volgyesi, P. (2001, May). The generic modeling environment. In Workshop on Intelligent Signal Processing, Budapest, Hungary (Vol. 17). [Accessed: 28 Oct 2013].;2-Price, J. (2001). Java programming with Oracle SQLJ. O'Reilly. [Accessed: 4 Nov 2013].


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