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PHP that display prompt messages




I developed a php code in reading from file the values of x and y.;difficulties facing with the program should read and display it line by line. After each line is display, ask the user if he/she wants to modify these values. if yes, the user types the new x and y values. when you finish computing/displaying the linear regressions parameters (already in the code), save the values in another file.;Make sure re-entered values are not illegaling (<= 0) or (text, characters) only greater than zero numeric.;note;i need the timing log sheet;How much time it took from you planning?;How much time it took from you designing?;How much time it took from you compiler?;How much time it took from you coding?;How much time it took from you testing?;How many line of codes added?;What's the issue you have faced and what are they?;And your real full name for exam documentation?


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