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Hello SolutonsPro, here is my Week 4 assignments for COMP 102. Thank you;Part 1 Week 4 DB assignment;For your discussion board lab for Week 4, use an Internet search engine to research how Excel and be used in a business setting. You can also use the Excel site by clicking here to help get ideas. Look for information that interests you and that you did not already know about the business uses of Excel.;After your research is complete, come back to the Discussion Board and post 2?3 business uses for Excel. You must have at least 2 tips to share. You can post more tips, if you wish, later in your discussion.;In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.;Part 2 Week 4 DB response to classmates;Zoneke Thomas;I can honestly say that I feel in love with Excel a few years ago. It is more than a spreadsheet tool, it can be used for all sorts of presentation and projects. I have to say that I am not an accountant, but this must be a program that is mandatory to know if you are in accounting. Each time I access it, I find new and exciting things about it. For example, I could never find out why my pages would print larger than the normal page view. I can now say the page break feature has saved me a lot of time. I can even adjust my pages to what I need them to be, large or small. It used to be small dotted lines that viewed the page breaks, but now it shows as actually pages! Another new feature is the horizontal and vertical ruler lines That is awesome!;I remember when there was a chart wizard to help with charts, now I see a chart insert tab has been updated. This will make it easier for presentations and projects.;Something else that has tickled my fancy, the table formatting feature. There are so many new styles to formatting tables. Now all the new entries on the within the table can be formated together. Everything is all inclusive with the table.;The ribbon feature, I am still trying to figure this one out. I can tell that it is something different, but I will assume that it brings all the tabs together at the top and makes a more organized feature of the different tabs of features.;Reference;Harvey. G. (n.d.)Top Ten Features in Excel 2010. For Dummies, A Wiley Brand. Retrieved April 16, 2014 from;Lizette Martinez;I never really thought about how much businesses can use Excel for a numerous different things/reasons. I always just assumed it was used to write down budgets and random list. After doing this discussion board assignment I have learned that it can be used for so much more than that. So pretty much all the information I read for this assignment was interesting and I did not know about for the business uses of Excel!;One use for Excel that I found interesting is that it can be used to calculate sales trends. Excel can keep track of sales trends throughout the months and years. This allows businesses to see any changes in their sales. If the sales data is showing a downward trend, then the business can act on and fix the problem. Once a business has a good amount of sales data, Excel can then help the business predict sales for the next year.;Another use for Excel that I found interesting is it can be used for scheduling. It can help create employee schedules. This can help a business see which employee is what working what shift. Another type of scheduling that can be done is more like an appointment type schedule. This would help businesses keep track of customer appointments or any kind of business meetings.;Millyard, K. (n.d.). How Do Businesses Use Excel?. Small Business. Retrieved April 15, 2014, from;Ways Excel Can Be Used in Business. (2009, August 25). eHow. Retrieved April 15, 2014, from;Ashley Watson;4 posts Re:Unit4 - Discussion Board;Ashley Watson;Excel can be used for scheduling employees. Businesses can create basic employee and resource schedules with Excel that can be color-coded and designed to automatically update as the schedules changes for accurate pay. For example: Employers can create weekly worksheets with column headings of each day, and name the rows based on hourly slots or work shifts. Each slot is then filled with the employee or resource name for a given day.;Excel can also track sales revenue for the business. Product sales can be tracked using Excel on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. By simply collecting the sales data onto an Excel spreadsheet lets you compare progress over time, and spot upward or downward trends as they occur. Once a meaning amount of data is captured a business can even forecast sales on certain days such as holidays.;Basic accounting is another great benefit of excel in a small business or a larger for the matter. Small businesses often use Excel as a basic accounting program or checkbook ledger. Deposits and expenditures can be entered onto each row of the sheet as you would enter them into a check register. One of the benefits of using Excel in this fashion is that you can create charts and graphs over time to compare business income and expenditures to better manage the business.;References;;Part 3 Week 4 Individual Project;For this assignment, you will need to download the Student Grade Book template by clicking here.;After you download the template to your desktop, open the grade book and complete the following steps;Step 1: In cell B2, enter the current date in Month, Day, Year format. Example: November 15, 2011;Step 2: In Cell E4, change "Student name" to your name. Use the Merge Cell command to spread your name over two to three cells.;Step 3: In cell D4, Enter the heading "My Grades at AIU." Format this title in bold, Calibri, 16-point font.;Step 4: In the areas where you see zeros is the data entry area, enter the grades for both of the courses. You can enter your actual grades or make them up.;Step 5: In column M11, Sum all of your grades. Copy this formula to M12;Step 6: In column N11, compute the percentage. Use a formula or a calculation.;Step 7: In field D16, compute the total of both of your classes.;Step 8: In the Date column, enter the date you took the course. This can be real or fictional.;Step 9: Bold all of the headings.;Step 10: Put a border around the data-entry area.;Step 11: Do any other modifications you like to make the data more presentable.;Step 12: Save the document as "First Name_Last Name_StudentGradebook.xls;Please submit your assignment.;Corrections to IP4 assignment;Changes to Step 3 and Step 7;Step 3;In cell D5, Enter the heading "My Grades at AIU." Format this title in bold, Calibri, 16-point font.;NOT;In cell D4, Enter the heading "My Grades at AIU." Format this title in bold, Calibri, 16-point font.;Step 7;In row 16 calculate the average score for each of the assignments above (C16-L16). You must use a formula or calculation. (Average - which is the arithmetic mean, and is calculated by adding a group of numbers and then dividing by the count of those numbers. For example, the average of 2, 3, 3, 5, 7, and 10 is 30 divided by 6, which is 5);Not;In field D16, compute the total of both of your classes.


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