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Instruction;Continuing your work from assignment #1- #3, add some scripts to your webpages;1. Modify the survey form you created in assignment #1. Gather all user inputs and display them nicely under the form so a user can verify if they have entered the right information;? Your form must at least use elements of textbox, radio button, checkbox, and dropdown list. Use the most appropriate form elements for different types of information.;? Replace the submit button with a regular button.;? Once it is clicked, display the user inputs in an HTML table below the form, if validations are successful.;? Each item should be in one row. An item?s caption is in the left column and its value is in the right column.;? Provide input validation: all items are required. Display the error message if any value is not provided.;2. Add a ?quick links? part in the menu area, using a dropdown list (like the one in the instructor?s examples).;[Challenge/Bonus];Use an expandable div for the quick links (like the one on the SPSU homepage).;Submission;Submit the following two items to D2L;? Take a screenshot of the new webpage displayed in browser, before and after the click of the button. Compile all required screenshots in one PDF file and submit it. All screens must be clear, original, and show the complete browser - no graphic editing or cropping is allowed. Clearly label and describe all screenshots.;? Compress your site folder with all files into file and submit it.;Grading guide;? Your grade is determined on how much you have satisfied the requirements specified in the instruction.;? You need to write well-formed and clean code. You should not use any wizard to generate the code, nor should you copy and paste codes from other sources without cleaning it.


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