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Assignment;Title: Bank Account System;Description;You are required to write a program for a bank account system. In the system you need to;maintain the bank customers? account. Each bank account contains the following details;? Bank Account Number;? Customer Name;? Customer Identity Card number (IC No.);? Type of bank account (Savings Account, Current Account and Trading Account);? Date of account opening;? Balance of the account;The Bank Account Number is in the format of T######## - whereby T represents the type of;account code (S for Savings, C for Current and T for Trading) and # is a digit. All the;accounts contain 8 digit numbers. Example of the account format ? S34568888 and;T11112222.;The Customer name generally is in String format and the name shall be able to support the;format of Malaysians? name like (Lim Ah Moi;Ranjit Singh, Badrul Hisham bin Ali?etc.);The Customer Identity Card Number format is in YYMMDD-BP-#### (YY ? Year eg. 89;MM ? Month eg. 11 and DD- Date eg. 29 and # is a digit number. BP ? is for a 2 digit code;to represent the Birth Place of the IC holder. Lastly #### is the 4 digit numbers).;Date of Account opening denotes when was the account created and the format of the date is;DD-MM-YYYY (eg. 29-09-2012).;Balance of the account denotes the balance in RM that the customer owns.;You are required to create menu and operations for;1) Create new bank account;2) Edit existing account holder details (Name and IC. No.);3) Deposit money to an account;4) Withdraw money from an account;5) Check Balance;6) Close an account;In addition, each member of your assignment group is expected to propose one additional;operation that can be performed by the system. If you have 3 members, then your group;program needs to have 3 additional operations to be added on top of the existing 6 operations.;You are expected to use array structure and also file to store and retrieve data.;Instructions;? Form Group of 2-3 members. Each member is expected to contribute in the;assignment.;? Submission of the assignment is due on the 16th of April 2014 (Week 14 ?;Wednesday. Before Time: 5.00 pm).;? You are expected to submit both hard copy and soft copy of your program. You need;to bind the document and attached the soft copy CD in the document (Please kindly;stick your CD in the document). The CD should contain soft copy of the document as;well as all the program files.;? You are required to submit a Zip copy of the.cpp, dat files and document file via;WBLE. EVERY students need to submit the assignment online though it is a group;project. Any students who did not submit the assignment individually shall be;regarded as NO submission.;? Include a front page in your submission of hard copy. In the front page you are;expected to include your member?s name, member?s ID, Course and which practical;group you are in.;? In your hard copy you are expected to include the screen capturing of the execution of;your program. The executions include every function stated in the menu above.;Explanation on the flows of problem solving for each of the operations in your;program.;? You are expected to state the contributions (which part of the program / function;contributed by the specific member) of each members and also what additional;operations recommended by each members.;? Any groups that are found to be dishonest will be awarded with a zero (0) marks.;? YOU are required to ATTACH the marking scheme in your submission.;? Any late submission is subject to marks deduction.


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