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Week 3 Lab?Decision Calendar;TCO 3 ? Given a simple problem, design and desk-check a solution algorithm requiring a modular design that is expressed in terms of pseudocode or program notes, input-process-output (IPO) analysis, and flow chart.;TCO 4?Given a simple problem that requires one or more decisions, create a working solution that uses decisions with logical and relational expressions.;TCO 8?Given a more complex problem, develop a complete solution that includes a comprehensive statement of the problem, complete program design, and program documentation.;Scenario;Your goal is to solve the following programming lab activity. Write a program that prompts and accepts a number between 1 and 12. After getting the input, display the number with the appropriate month (e.g.,?This is the 1st month?January, This is the 2nd month?February, This is the 12th month?December?).;Be sure to think about the logic and design first (IPO chart and/or pseudocode), then code the program in Visual Basic.;Rubric;Point distribution for this activity;Lab Activity;Document;Points possible;Points received;Variable list;5;IPOchart;10;Flowchart;10;Pseudocode;10;Working program;15;Total Points;50;1?Variable ListWith Data Type;List all variables you will use (use valid variable names). Indicate whether the data type is string, integer, or decimal, and so on.;2?IPO Model;List the inputs, any processes/calculations, and outputs. Use the same valid variable names you used in Step 1.;Inputs;Process (calculations);Outputs;3?Flowchart;Use MS Visio to create a flowchart. Paste flowchart here, or attach as separate document. Use the same valid variable names you used in Step 1.;4?Pseudocode;Describe your solution using pseudocode. Use the same valid variable names you selected in Step 1.;5?Visual Basic Code;Screenshot of Running Program;Zipped Project File (submitted to Dropbox);Copy/paste your Visual Basic code here.;Paste a screenshot of the complete working program here.;Submit a separate zipped file to the Dropbox containing the complete Project folder.


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