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Create frame from JFrame;Design a class called MyJFrame to produce output as shown in Figures 1 ? 7. This frame must be inherited from the class JFrame. The frame must contain only a title as shown in Figure 1;Figure 1;Create a menu bar object and set it in place. Add menu choices onto the menu bar as shown in Figure 2.;Figure 2;Add menu items to each menu choice as shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4. Place separators where indicated in the Figures..;Figure 3;For the menu choice Tools, create a cascading menu for the menu choice Edit. This submenu must contain menu items as shown in the Figure 4.;Figure 4;The following is an outline of the code for the class MyJFrame. You may consult your notes and class handouts for further information.;1. Use an interface to maintain constant values and generic methods;2. Use arrays to contain;(a) The list of menu choices;(b) The list of menu items for the menu choices ? File, Tool, and Edit.;// Area reserve for importing classes.;class MyJFrame extends JFrame;JMenuBar mbar;JMenu jm;JMenuItem mi;MyJFrame(String title);super(title);mbar = new JMenuBar(), //Create menu bar and set it;setJMenuBar(mbar);buildMenu(), // Call method which actually builds the menu;void buildMenu();for (int i = 0, i ;Normal;0;false;false;false;EN-US;X-NONE;X-NONE;MicrosoftInternetExplorer4;

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