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A node in a binary tree is called a(n) ____ if it has no left and right children.;edge;branch;leaf;path;A node in a binary tree is called a(n) ____ if it has no left and right children.;edge;branch;leaf;path;Every node in a doubly linked list has two pointers: ____ and ____.;previous, next;back, next;current, next;previous, current;In a graph G, if the edges connecting two vertices have weights assigned to them, the graph is called a ____ graph.;source;weighted;spanning;minimal;The edges connecting two vertices can be assigned a non-negative real number, called the ____ of the edge.;key;weight;width;height;The ____ executes when the object goes out of scope.;default constructor;destructor;copy constructor;iterator;Popping an element from an empty stack is called ____.;overflow;underflow;exception;overloading;The addition and deletion of elements of the stack occurs only at the ____ of the stack.;head;bottom;top;middle;In a graph directed G, for each vertex, v, the vertices adjacent to v are called ____ successors.;immediate;adjacent;path;parallel;The key of the right child below the root node of a search binary tree is 40. The value in the root node could be ____.;30;40;50;60;What is the purpose of the following code?current = head,while (current != NULL){ //Process current current = current->link,};Insertion of a node;Selection of a node;Traversal of a linked list;Creation of a new list;In a linked list, the order of the nodes is determined by the address, called the ____, stored in each node.;head;tail;link;first;A linked list is a collection of components, called ____.;elements;nodes;members;pointers;Which of the following is a basic operation performed on a queue?;push;pop;isEmptyQueue;top;The function ____ of the class linkedListType returns the last element of the list.;tail;lastNode;back;last;The ____ operation returns a pointer to the position before the first element in container ct.;ct.front();ct.rbegin();ct.rend();ct.end();In a binary search tree, the data in each node is ____ the data in the left child.;larger than;smaller than;equal to;larger or equal to;An iterator to a vector container is declared using the ____ iterator.;new;vector;typedef;typeiter;The ____ nodeType defines the node of a binary tree.;struct;class;template;array;Which of the following correctly initializes a doubly linked list in the default constructor?;head = NULL,back = NULL;head = 0,back = 0,count = 0;first = 0,last = 0;first = NULL,last = NULL,count = 0;Which of the following is a valid function of the class stackType?;int isEmptyStack() const;void push();void pop();type pop();Using the binary search algorithm, in an unsuccessful search, how many key comparisons are performed during the last iteration of the loop?;0;1;2;n, where n is the number of items in the list;The link field of the last node of a linked list is ____.;0;1;n-1;n;In a(n) ____ graph, the edges are drawn using arrows.;pointed;vector;directed;undirected;If data needs to be processed in a LIFO manner, use a(n) ____.;stack;linked list;queue;deque;Predicates are special types of function objects that return ____ values.;character;string;Boolean;Integer;Two well-known algorithms, Prim?s algorithm and ____?s algorithm, can be used to find a minimal spanning tree of a graph.;Euler;Dekart;Kruskal;Dijkstra;To describe a queuing system, we use the term ____ for the object receiving the service.;client;server;customer;provider;The initializeList operation on a doubly linked list can be done by using the operation ____.;empty;clear;destroy;delete;The ____ sort algorithm sorts the list by moving each element to its proper place in the sorted portion of the list.;bubble;quick;merge;insertion;The level of the children of the root node is ____.;0;1;2;3;When traversing a binary tree with the pointer current, the pointer current is initialized to ____.;NULL;llink;rlink;root;Each link (pointer) in a binary tree node points to a(n) ____ of that node.;parent;child;value;sibling;Given the unordered list [10, 7, 19, 5, 16], which of the following sequences represents the result of the first iteration of the bubble sort algorithm?;[7, 10, 19, 5, 16];[10, 7, 5, 16, 19];[19, 10, 7, 5, 16];[7, 10, 5, 16, 19];What is the output of the following code?stackType stack,int x, y,x = 4,y = 2,stack.push(6),stack.push(x),stack.push(x + 1),y =,stack.pop(),stack.push(x + y),x =,stack.pop(),cout << "x = " << x << endl;x = 4;x = 5;x = 6;x = 9;What is the access modifier of the variable count in the linkedListType class?;public;private;protected;friend;The sequence of operations in a postorder search is ____.;traverse left, traverse right;traverse left, traverse right, visit;visit, traverse left, traverse right;traverse left, visit, traverse right;Suppose that the pointer head points to the first node in the list, and the link of the last node is NULL. The first node of the linked list contains the address of the ____ node.;head;first;second;tail;The postfix expression 5 6 + 4 * 10 5 / - = evaluates to ____.;10;30;42;44;A queue is a data structure in which the elements are ____.;added to the rear and deleted from the front;added to and deleted from the rear;added to and deleted from the front;added and deleted in the middle;Which of the following operations removes the first element from the deque object deq?;deq.front();deq.push_front();deq.pop_front();deq.push()


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