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Create an RSS Reader with Two activities. The first activity downloads the rss feed, parses it, and displays each title as an item in a list. When clicking an item, a new activity opens, displaying the text from the description (displayed in a WebView to render any HTML) and a link of the url of the story;Steps;create list activity;create async task;write code to download rss feed (try printing it out first in plain text);build object model (each object is just a container for title and description);write code to parse rss using xml pull parser;for each title-description pair in the rss feed, create a new object instance and store it in an array;use the array to populate your list adapter;create a listener for when an item is clicked. When it is clicked, create a new intent to start a DescriptionActivity which will display the description of the item clicked.;you are going to extend the RSS Feed application you wrote in assignment 4 to check for updates from the hosted rss site and notify the user when there are new feeds to be seen even, when the application isn't running.;You are going to need to do two things;Download RSS feed and store in an SQLite database on the phone. One of the columns in the database must contain a date.;Create a service which periodically checks the hosted rss site. Every time the service checks the site, it must download the rss feed, and check the pubDate to see if it is more recent then the current one stored in the database. If it is, throw out the local feed and store the new one. Then notify the user using a notification that there are new rss items available.


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