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The Entity Relationship Diagram




Case Study Assignment 3: The Entity Relationship Diagram;The goal of this exercise is for you to begin to understand how the tables in a database relate. For this assignment, you will need to create an entity relationship diagram (ERD) similar to the one in Figure 7.1 in your textbook.;Consider the data tables you will need in order to bring the Broadway Cafe into the 21st century. You know you have customers and orders and inventory (you will need to think about more things you will need - be creative!). Each of them may require numerous tables (as per the examples given).;Think about the fields needed in each table. For example, your customer database needs;?names;?addresses;?a customer ID;?customer status (active, inactive, preferred, etc);?what else?;How about your orders table? What else might you need? Your ERD must clearly label primary keys and foreign keys, and show their relationships so that they are easy to follow.;I recommend creating these tables in Word or Excel or PPT, and then uploading the finished product when done by clicking BROWSE, below, and then submitting your work.;You will be graded on the quality and completeness of your submission;please look at the attached file (Figure 7.1)


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