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Two programs linked list and video store




13. (Circular Linked List) This chapter defined and indentified various operations on a circular linked list.;a. Write the definitions of the class CircularLinkedList and its member functions. (You may assume that the elements of the circular linked list are in ascending order.);b. Write a program to test various operations of the class defined in (a).;14. (Programming Example Video Store);a. Complete the design and implementation of the class customerType defined in the Programming Example Video Store.;b. Design and implement the class customerLinstType to create and maintain a list of customers for the video store.;This is what the book states;The customer object stores information about a customer, such as the first name, last name, account number, and a list of videos rented by the customer.;Every customer is a person. We have already designed the class personType in Ex 1-12 and described the necessary operations on the name of a person. Therefore, we can derive the class customerType from the class personType and add the additional members that we need. First, however, we must redefine the class personType to take advantage of the new features of object0oriented design that you have learned, such as operator overloading, and then derive the class customerType.;The basic operations on an object of type cutomerType are as follows;1. Print the name, the account number, and the list of rented videos.;2. Set the name and the account number.;3. Rent a video, that is, ad the rented video to the list.;4. Return a video, that is, delete the rented video from the list.;5. Show the account number.


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