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Question 1;A(n) ____ is a class method whose sole purpose is to initialize the class"s Private variables.;Question 1 options;a. signature;b. constructor;c. Get block;d. event;Question 2;You can create one class from another class. In OOP, this is referred to as ____.;Question 2 options;a. encapsulation;b. overloading;c. overriding;d. inheritance;Question 3;The Class statement ends with the keyword(s) ____.;Question 3 options;a. Class;b. Exit Class;c. End Class;d. Next Class;Question 4;Which of the following instantiates a Product object and assigns it to the bookcase variable?;Question 4 options;a. Dim bookcase As Product;b. Dim bookcase As New Product;c. Dim Product As bookcase;d. Dim bookcase As String;Question 5;are the operations (actions) that the object is capable of performing.;Question 5 options;a. Events;b. Attributes;c. Behaviors;d. Methods;Question 6;Constructors that contain parameters are called ____.;Question 6 options;a. attributes;b. default constructors;c. Set blocks;d. parameterized constructors;Question 7;You create a Public property using a ____.;Question 7 options;a. Sub procedure;b. Function procedure;c. Property procedure;d. Set block;Question 8;In the following instruction, Room is a(n) ____. Dim bedroom As New Room;Question 8 options;a. object;b. variable;c. class;d. property;Question 9;If you create an auto-implemented property named State, Visual Basic will create a hidden Private variable named ____.;Question 9 options;a. State;b. _State;c. STATE;d. state;Question 10;Aconstructor that has no parameters is called the ____.;Question 10 options;a. Property procedure;b. default constructor;c. parameterized constructor;d. Set block;Question 11;The Tree class is derived from a base class named Plant. Which of the following statements can be used by the Tree class to invoke the Plant class"s default constructor?;Question 11 options;a. MyPlant.New();b. MyBase.New();c. MyTree.New();d. MyTree.Base;Question 12;The first word in a method name should be a(n) ____.;Question 12 options;a. verb;b. noun;c. adjective;d. preposition


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