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Short Answer;2. What values are displayed by the following code?;Const intMAX_SUBSCRIPT As Integer = 4;Dim intValues(intMAX_SUBSCRIPT) As Integer;Dim intCount As Integer;For intCount = 0 To intMAX_SUBSCRIPT;intVAlues(intCount) = intCount + 1;Next;For intCount = 0 To intMax_SUBSCRIPT;MessageBox.Show(intValues(intCount).ToString());Next;Your Opinion;Question 1. How many elements are in the following array?;Dim dblValues (3, 3) As Double;Question 2. Suppose an application uses a Timer control named tmrControl. Write a programming statement that sets the time between timer events at three seconds.;Find the error;Question 1;Dim intTable(10) As Integer ' Stores 11 values;Dim intIndex As Integer;Dim intMaxNum As Integer = 11;For intIndex = 0 To intMaxNum;intTable(intIndex) = CInt(InputBox("Enter the next value:"));Next;Question 2; tmrTimer is a Timer control;tmrTimer.Interval = 0;ALGORITHM WORKBENCH;Question 1;Suppose you need to store information about 12 countries. Declare two arrays that may be used in parallel to store the names of the countries and their population;Question 2;The arrays intNumberArray1 and intNumbersArray2 have 100 elements. Write code that copies the values in intNumberArray1 and intNumberArray2.;Question 3;Suppose an application stores that following data about employees;a) Name, stored in a lost box name 1stNames;b) Employees number, stored in an array of strings named strEmpNums;There is a parallel relationship between the list box and the array. Assume that the user has selected an employee?s names from the list box. Write code that displays (in a message box) the employees number for the selected employee.;Question 4;Assume that dblValues is a two-dimensional array of Doubles with 10 rows and 20 columns. Write a ?For Each? statement that sums all the elements in the array in the array and stores the sum in the variable dblTotal.;Question 5;Suppose an application uses a two-dimensional array named intDays. Write code that sums each row in the array and displays the result.;Question 6;Write code that uses a ?For Each? statement to sum all of the elements in the array in Question 10.


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