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Develop a program that calculates Grade Point Average (GPA) for students. A grade of A is worth 4 points, B is worth 3 points, C is worth 2 points, D is worth 1 points and F is worth 0 points. Grades other than A, B, C, D, and F should not be calculated in GPA. When a grade is entered for a course, credit hours for that course should also be entered so that the GPA can be calculated correctly. For example, if a student has taken 3 courses and earned the following grades;Course Grade Credit Hours;1 A 3.0;2 B 4.5;3 A 1.0;The student's GPA should be calculated as;GPA = (4.0*3.0 + 3.0 * 4.5 + 4.0*1.0) / (3.0+4.5+1.0);A student can take up to 5 courses. Only A, B, C, D, F, W, P are allowed for grade;//Purpose: calculate student's gpa;//Programmer;//Input;//-- grade1, grad2, grade3, grade4, grade5;//-- hours1, hours2, hours3, hours4, hours5;//-- many (courses), (more) student;//Output: gpa;//Algorithm;//1. ask how many courses the student take;//2. get all class information;//3. convert grade to points;//4. calculate gpa;//5. diplay gpa;#include;#include;using namespace std;//------------ Algorithm 8: not use loop to process courses, switch convert --------;int main();//declaration and initialization;//??????????? what variables still need to be declared and intialized??????;char grade1, grade2, grade3, grade4, grade5, //letter grades for classes;double hours1, hours2, hours3, hours4, hours5, // credit hours of classes;char student, //Y if more student to process;double gpa, //final gpa;double totalgp, totalhrs, //total grade points, total credit hours;grade1=grade2=grade3=grade4=grade5 = student = ';hours1=hours2=hours3=hours4=hours5 = -1;gpa = -9999;totalgp = totalhrs = -999;//============ do this outer do...while AFTER you complete everything else =======;//do;//;//========================================================================;//1. Ask how many courses the student takes;//!!!!! DON't FORGET INPUT VALIDATION !!!!!;//????????? your code????????;//2. get class information and 3. convert letter grade to calculate weighted grade points;// if (many == 1) **** remove // after many is declared *******;//?????????? input validation???????;cout < > grade1;//?????????? input validation?????;cout < > hours1;//!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! convert letter to points!!!!!!!!;//????????? complete the switch... case below accordingly?????;//switch (grade1);{ //start of switch for converting letter grade to grade points;//end of switch for converting letter grade to grade points;//;//??????? more code for many == 2, many == 3, etc;//4. calculate gpa;// DON'T FORGET ONLY CERTAIN GRADES SHOULD BE CALCULATED IN GPA;// if (gp1>0) ****** remove // after gp1 is declared;// totalgp = totalgp + gp1, ***** remove // after gp1 is declared ****;totalhrs=totalhrs+hours1;//???? more for gp2, gp3, etc;gpa = totalgp / totalhrs;//5. diplay gpa;//?????????? missing code???????;//????????? input validation???????;cout < > student;//=================DO THIS OUTER DO.. WHILE LAST===========;//} while (student == 'Y' || student == 'y');//================================;return 0


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