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Complete all parts of the problems and report th...




Complete all parts of the problems and report the results of your analysis. Do not forget to show the necessary steps and explain how your attained that outcome. (Leverage analysis) You have developed the following income statement for the Hugo Boss Corporation. It represents the most recent year?s operations, which ended yesterday. Sales $ 50,439,375 Variable costs (25,137,000) Revenue before fixed costs $ 25,302,375 Fixed costs (10,143,000) EBIT $ 15,159,375 Interest expense (1,488,375) Earnings before taxes $ 13,671,000 Taxes at 50% (6,835,500) Net income $ 6,835,500 Your supervisor in the controller?s office has just handed you a memorandum asking for written responses to the following questions: a. What is the firm?s break-even point in sales dollars? b. If sales should increase by 30 percent, by what percent would earnings before taxes (and net income) increase?,can you please put this in excel thank you very much.


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