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Computer Networks Cognitive review




Subnetting. Why would you want to consider subnetting, when designing your network or developing your addressing schemes? How do you implement your subnetting design?;Address Resolution. A variety of protocols seem to have a part in going from a computer, shared resource or printer name (like \\homegroup\bignas\studentshare\ or \\mikescomputer\hplaserjetprinter) and translating that in to... well, into what, exactly? Explain how this works.;IPv6 vs. IPv4. What key new features came with the introduction of IPv6, compared to what we had with IPv4? How can you determine which of those features you need in your network designs?;What is meant by the "network access layer" vs. the "internetwork layer"? Explain the role of the different protocols in each.;The original commercial version of Ethernet supported 10 Mbps bandwidth, the version introduced in the early 1990s supports 100 Mbps, and in 1998, Gigabit Ethernet was introduced. All versions use the same data frame formats, with the same maximum PDU sizes, so they can interoperate freely. Discuss what this suggests to you about the basic approach to design and development of the Ethernet and all of the protocols that ride on it.


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