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the quistion is;1. Language Modeling (LM);2. Speech Recognition (ASR);3. Text To Speech (TTS);4. Information Retrieval (IR);5. Question & Answer Systems (Q&A);6. Language Translation / Machine Translation (MT);7. Other Areas (e.g. Summarization);you can chose one of this topics.;Few sample Project Titles;- Chat Application for Disabled People Project Using TTS;- Speech Synthesis or text to Speech in Arabic Language;You may need MLE, HMM (Probabilistic Machine Learning), Syntactic Parsing, Semantic Parsing and Discourse.;Recommended to start working on the Project now or as soon as possible;The following will be needed for any project you select;A. Tasks;1. Apply key NLP principles you have learned ? Language Modeling, HMM, Parsing, Semantics, Q & A;2. Analyze in detail the algorithms you used in the applications of your choice.;3. Implement (i.e. write code) at least part of your algorithms;- You can use any programming language.;B. A Report;Report should include the following (10-20 pages);a. Outline / Introduction;b. Why you have selected your application;c. What specific problem(s) you have tried to solve;d. Coding ? Listing;e. Results (if any) and discussion;f. Future work;g. Conclusions


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