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Final Project, IT 240 Network Design;Need a solution to the attached document from IT 240 at University of Phoenix. The syllabus has changed and this final project is new as well, so please review the document;;;Axia College Material;Appendix A;Final Project Overview and Timeline;Final Project Overview;You have just been hired as Widget World?s Network Administrator.;The previous Network Administrator left the company for another job and no transitional training is available to get you up to speed on all the network systems ? you are the only member of the IT shop!;You need to get a handle on your network as quickly as possible to ensure its health and functionality remains 100 percent.;Widget World is a manufacturing company that produces Widgets. There are 280 employees across 3 geographically separated sites, a Central Office complex in Missouri, a New Mexico Plant and a California plant.;For this project you will need to produce a status report that will outline to your CIO, James Miller, the key areas of your network infrastructure, designs, systems, disaster recovery processes, and health-check measures. Utilize the following to outline/create your findings and status, being very specific in detail of type and manufacturer. You will need to research the various areas using your reading assignments, the internet and other alternative resources in order to produce a status report document that will cover every element listed below.;This project will allow you to not only act in the capacity as Network Administrator, but also as a consultant because you will essentially need to design this network from scratch in order to produce the report. You will need to utilize your experience, the concepts from this course, and a great deal of your imagination in order to envision what the various aspects of Widget World?s network should be.;REQUIREMENTS;? This assignment must be attached to a post in your Individual forum as a Microsoft Word document.;? Responses to all elements of the outline need to be complete, well-formed sentences with specific detail. (Example, For Antivirus type, I should not see an answer like ?Norton?. It should be more specific, ?Norton?s Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition, version 11. Deploying Endpoint protection services to all systems and Network Threat Protection additionally to client systems ?..);? Each element that contains specifics should have a citation attached to the end of it and a reference in the included References page. See the APA guidelines for properly citing references.;? Copy the Outline into your Microsoft Word document as a guide to ensure you address each element, however, you may also change the structure or delivery of the outline, should you wish to add additional elements to your report like a diagram, graph, image, etc..;?????????????????????????????????????????????;Report Overview;Page Break???????????????????????????????.;Data Assurance;1. Backup system;a. Type?;b. Backup Schedule?;c. Backup Data Storage plan?;Data Integrity;1. Antivirus system;a. Type?;b. Scan Schedule?;c. Quick reaction plan for system(s) infection?;Data Reliability;1. Disaster Recovery Plan;a. Site location?;b. Data/Systems replication plan?;i. Systems;1. ?;2. ?;3. ?;4. ?;5. ?;6. ?;c. Full site recovery schedule?;i. Services Recovery Priority;1. Business Critical systems?;2. Business Essential systems?;3. Secondary systems?;2. System Redundancy protection;a. Fault-Tolerance systems?;b. Load Balanced systems?;c. Clustered services?;WAN Infrastructure;1. Circuits Type/Provider;a. New Mexico?;b. California?;c. Central Office?;d. Internet?;2. WAN Topology?;3. Circuit failure/outage plan?;4. Firewall/IDS implementation?;5. DMZ services;a. ?.;b. ?.;c. ?;6. Remote Access services?;7. WAN Monitoring/Management tools?;LAN Infrastructure;1. Router(s)?;2. Switches?;3. Patch Panel?;4. Labs, Model Office, Development, Training?;5. Building Cabling?;6. LAN Infrastructure Monitoring/Management tools?;Systems Architecture;1. Email Services?;2. Internet/Intranet/Extranet Services?;3. OS Platform Server/Client?;4. User Security/Access management platform?;5. Naming Resolution services?;6. Client Application delivery model?;7. Specialized company applications?;HelpDesk services;1. Trouble Ticket management system/process?;2. Employee training processes?;3. Employee technology usage policies?;Page Break?????????????????????;References


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