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CMGT 410 Week 3 Individual Assignment Project Budget




CMGT410 Week 3 Individual Assignment Project Budget;The project for the company offsite 2-day training session has been given a preliminary go-ahead. However a budget needs to be submitted for approval.;Write a 2- to 3-page memo explaining the financial implications of your project that does the following;? Adds costs estimates to your resources (both labor and material) ? Refer to websites like the United States Department of Labor for estimates.;? Adds estimates for all task duration and sequencing of tasks (including precedence relations);? Summarizes any relevant facts about the project duration, number or type of resources, critical task sequencing, and how duration estimates were arrived at;? Highlights if there are any milestones for your project;Include a Microsoft? Project Gantt chart, as an attachment, showing the WBS of tasks (with dependencies) and task sequences, along with any budget or cost reports to support your memo.


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