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Plagia free plz;Actions for Which tool is more useful: Wireshark or NMAP/ZenMap?;both Wireshark and NMap/ZenMap to obtain information about a network segment. Which application did you find more interesting and useful? Why?;Your response should be 150+ words and include APA format in-text citations and references for any information that is not your personal opinion.;Hackers?;Actions for Hackers?;This conference is a two parter...;1. What is a hacker? (no references required - just your opinion and thoughts for this one);2. Here are some of the most notorious hackers in the industry. Pick two of them and provide a brief summary of their hacking activities. Would you consider them white, gray or black hat? Explain why or why not? (Provide references for this portion) If you'd like to discuss other hackers - feel free to use them in your post as well.;- th3j3st3r;- Barnaby Jack;- Renderman;- Hmei7;- Emmanuel Goldstein;Minimum 150 words + APA style.


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