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11.;(Retail Sales Calculator Application) An online retailer sells five products whose retail prices are as follows: Product 1, $2.98, product 2, $4.50, product 3, $9.98, product 4, $4.49 and product 5, $6.87. Write an application that reads a series of pairs of numbers as follows;a)product number;b)quantity sold.;Your program should use a Select...Case statement to determine the retail price for each product. It should calculate and display the total retail value of all products sold in an output Label as shown in Fig. 5.21. Keep the total retail value up to date as the user enters values. [Hint: Create instance variables to store the quantity sold of each product so the values are maintained between calls to the event handler.];Question 12;1.;Complete Exercise 5.7 ? Triangles of Asterisks ? on page 185 of your textbook.;Answer;Write a program that displays the following patterns separately, one below the other in a TextBox. Use for?Next loops to generate the patterns. All asterisks (*) should be displayed one at a time by the statement outputTextbox.AppendText (?*?). The statement outputTextbox.AppendText(vbCrLf) can be used to position the next line, and a statement of the form outputTextBox.AppendText (? ?) can be used to display spaces for the last two patterns. There should be no other output statements in the program. The last two patterns require that each line begin with an appropriate number of blanks. (Set the Textbox?s Font property to Lucida Console, its Multiline property to True and its Scroll bars property to Vertical so that you can scroll through the results).


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