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we aim to create a project in which the user




In this question, we aim to create a project in which the user will complete a 10-question survey. Create a;form containing labels with each of the questions and a group of radio buttons for each question with the;following responses: Always, Usually, Sometimes, Seldom, and Never.;Planning phase;4.1 Produce a well-planned TOE for this project including the object(s) stated in 4.5.;4.2 Draw a well-designed sketch of the user interface (s) with appropriate controls;Development phase;4.3 Use a two-dimensional array to accumulate the number of each response for each question.;4.4 Write a function procedure to calculate the average number of responses for each type of response.;The data are taken from the two-dimensional array in 4.1 passed to the function as an argument.;4.5 Have a menu or button option that will print an item analysis on the printer that shows the question;number and the count for each response (a partial sample of the printer output is shown next).;Question Always Usually Sometimes Seldom Never;1 5 2 10 4 6;2 2 2 10 2 1;3 17 0 10 0 0;Average 8 1.33 10 2 3.50;Submit the user interface(s), the code and the printout.


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