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Modify the tuition program from earlier in the semester




What have you tried so far?: Modify the tuition program from earlier in the semester. Rename the class as TuitArray with your initials - TuitArraylb Modifications: 1. Save the total tuition for each student within an array. Create an array to hold the calculated tuition for 15 students. 2. Determine and display the highest and lowest tuition amounts. 3. Determine and display the average tuition of the fifteen students Hint: Populate the array, then use the populated array for the highest, lowest, and average. Give me your email, AND I WILL SEND MY PREVIOUS WORK TO YOU Previous Assignment Write a java application that determines the amount tuitionld cost based on the number of hours enrolled and of the student type. 1. Undergraduate ? in-state ? $179.60 per hour 2. Undergraduate ? out of state ? $639.07 per hour 3. Graduate ? in state - $229.00 per hour 4. Graduate ? out of state - $831.00 5. On-Line ? undergraduate - $251.00 per hour 6. On-Line ? graduate - $303.00 per hour Allow the user to enter the number of hours and the student type. Use a switch statement to determine the cost per hour. If the student is enrolled in more than 15 hours the maximum cost will be for 15 hours. Display the student type, the cost per hour, the number of hours and the total cost. (Use a loop to allow the user to enter multiple sets of data). Save the file as Tuition with your initials:


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