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Create a project to input chartering information about yachts and print a summary report showing the total




Create a project to input chartering information about yachts and print a summary report showing the total;revenue, number of charters, and average hours per charter.;Menus;The file menu will contain items for Print Summary, Print Yacht Types, and Exit. Place a separator before;Exit. The Edit menu should have items for Clear for Next Charter, Add Yacht Type, Remove Yacht Type;and Display Count of Yacht Types. Include a separator after the Clear item. The Help menu will contain;an About item that displays an About form.;The Form;The form should contain text boxes for responsible party, hours chartered, and the calculated ?;price of the charter.;A drop-down combo box will contain the type of yacht: Ranger, Wavelength, Catalina, ?;Coronado, Hobie, C & C, Hans Christian, and Excalibur. Any items that are added to the text;box during processing must be added to the list.;A drop-down list will contain the sizes: 22, 24, 30, 32, 36, 38, 45. (no new size can be entered at ?;run time);An Ok button will calculate and display the price and add to the totals. The calculations will ?;require price per hour. Use the following chart;14;Size Hourly rate;01 22 95.00;02 24 137.00;03 30 160.00;04 32 192.00;05 36 250.00;06 38 400.00;07 45 550.00;A clear button will clear the contents of the screen controls. The functions of the clear button are ?;the same as for the Clear for Next Charter menu item.;Make the OK button the Accept button and the Clear button the form?s Cancel button. ?;Summary report;The summary report will print the summary information and send the report to a Print Preview dialog;box. The summary information will include Number of Charters, Total revenue, and Average Hours;Chartered. Include your name on the output.;Yacht type report;Display the yacht types in the combo box in the Print Preview dialog box. Include your name and a title;at the top of the report.;Planning phase;3.1 produce a TOE for this project;3.2 sketch a well-designed user interface for this project.;Development phase;3.3 Write a pseudocode to show how to calculate the price.;3.4 Write the complete program. Debug and correct errors until the project runs successfully.;Submit the TOE chart, the user interface, the pseudocodes, and the code (in your assignment;document) as well as the screen shot of the print preview windows.


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