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1.90What are the boxes at the top of the CMS-1500 form labeled Medicare,Medicaid,Tri CAre,CHAMPVA,FECA black lung,other, for?;On the CMS-1500,what is item 24I EMG for?;The _______ is the benefit plan that determines and pays its benefit first without regard to existence of any.other coverage?;What is the purpose of COB?;What does COB stand for?;The_______is the plan that pays after the primary plan has paid its benefit?;List and describe the two ways of making adjustment?;On the CMS-1500,what does item 24j COB stand for,and what does the term mean?;True or false When a provider or provider service signs a medical billing form,he or she is legally stating that the service that they are seeking payment for have actually been performed?


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