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Upon conclusion of this course, you will have developed a Java Web application that will allow a user to create, read, update, and delete records in product and customer tables of the store database for an online store. Your application will run in a Web page and connect to a MySQL database backend.;As you progress through each phase in the course, the tasks you complete will provide you with code that will help you build your Web application. This first task will develop your ability to design a client/server application.The combination of these deliverables will culminate in your final key assignment.;Design a client/server application in which a client communicates directly with a server. The server will store product and customer information in two separate files. The client application will allow a user to request product and customer information from the server. The server will retrieve and send the requested information to the client. The information will be displayed by the client in a user-friendly manner. It is suggested that your application use Swing components to support a user-friendly interface.;The format of your product and customer files will be provided by your instructor.;Explain your design to your classmates using pseudocode, class diagrams, and sequence diagrams.;Explain each step on both the server and client side that establishes the networking between the two.;Your design should also clearly explain how the client and server interact to provide the user with the requested product and customer information.


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