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Categorical Data Analysis




An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis;Second Edition by ALAN AGRESTI;chapter 2;In order to study the relationship between oral cancer incidence (cancer) and alcohol consumption (AlcoholConsumption), 561 subjects were selected and determined whether a person has oral cancer or not (1 for oral cancer, 0 otherwise) and also recorded number of alcoholic drinks they had per day.;Is there an association between oral cancer incidence and alcohol consumption? Determine an appropriate model describing the relationship between cancer incidence and alcohol consumption.;The final report should be word processed and should contain the following;1. A brief abstract;2. Aim of the project;3. Description of the data set;4. Methodology;5. Results;6. Conclusions;7. Appendix containing only important SAS outputs not exceeding 5 pages (you may cut and paste)


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