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The attached program reads information (name, address, age) for several people from a file. The code to read is finished, but the method that prints the information to the screen needs to be completed. It is okay if you printed to either a file or the screen.;Submissions;Copy of source code in a Microsoft Word document.;Copy of output in a separate Microsoft Word document.;Copy of updated netbeans project.;Complete the method, and be sure your output is in a columnar format. Use the printf to right-align the data for each row.;Name Age Street Address City State Zip Code;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------;Mary Madalinski 12 3434 Whiteford Road Ottawa Lake Michigan 45267;Virginia Rodriguez 8 456 Main Street Dayton Ohio 45404;Darla Busbee 9 3824 Corey Road Toledo Ohio 43613;Gary King 10 343 Carriage Hill Drive Toledo Ohio 43613


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