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Write a program that consists of three classes




Write a program that consists of three classes. The first class will be the actual program.;The second class will simply convert a string to lower case.;The third class will have three methods;public static String trimmed(String str);and;public static String trimmed(String str, int len);and;public static String squeeze(String str);The 1st trimmed method will return str without leading or trailing whitespace and will return an empty string if str is null.;The 2nd trimmed method will return the first len characters after trimming the string. The 2nd method must make use of the 1st method.;The squeeze method will replace all sequences of 2 spaces with 1 space.;The program will read a file containing the data below (cut and paste it into notepad and save it), and will display each line;as entered but trimmed and squeezed.;as entered but trimmed, squeezed, and shortened to 10 characters;as entered but trimmed, squeezed, converted to lower case, and shortened to 20 characters.;Data (copy after this line down to (not including) the line that says end data, you will have 5 lines);This is a test, this is only a test!;This test is a test of your Java programming skills!;xyz;ABCDEFGHIJKLMONPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890-=_+ !;end data;Grading Notes;You can do this program however you like (console, GUI, AWT, Swing, Applet, etc.).;If you use an inner classes for the second and third classes, you will receive up to 5 extra points, and if the third class is anonymous, you will receive up to five additional points.;If you make the program graphical, you will receive up to 10 extra points (total won't exceed 100).;You will lose points for poor formatting, poor commenting, not following instructions, program that don't work, etc.


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