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The purpose of this paper is to design a Web-based system




The purpose of this paper is to design a Web-based system where my regional offices can;submit their sales reports online instead of filling them out by hand and mailing them in. Three;candidate solutions have been identified. Their estimated lifetime benefits and estimated lifetime;costs are shown below. All have been time-adjusted over the projected five-year lifetime of each;alternative.;? You are working as a system designer for a company that manufactures heavy-duty;power tools used by contractors. Every month, your regional sales and service centers;batch together the hard copy repair orders for work performed under warranty. They are;sent to headquarters, where they are run through a legacy mainframe batch process. A;report is then generated, which the engineers analyze for signs of any problem trends;in the new models. The company's CEO has decided that this process is far too slow in;today's highly competitive business environment and wants to replace the legacy system;as soon as possible with something more contemporary. Prepare an estimated cost for;client-server system alternative as illustrated in Figure 11-2.;? Identify at least three candidate solutions and describe them in a candidate solutions;matrix using Figures 11-6 and 11-7 as examples.;? Prepare a feasibility analysis matrix, using candidate solutions you identified and;described in part b. Use Figures 11-8 and 11-9 as your template, but choose the;weighting factors that you feel would be most appropriate in this situation. For purposes;of this exercise, you may provide an estimate of the economic feasibility.;? Once the feasibility analysis matrix has been completed, it is time to write the feasibility;report to executive- level managers, using the appropriate format shown in Figure 11-10.;Figure 11-2


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