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The request is to complete the project specified in the project 4 zip file.;The project 4 ZIP file also contains a PDF with explanations and examples for lex and yacc which are widely used in the projects of this class.;I will also give you two attachments (cmparser.y and ast.c they will be inside a zip called project4deliverables) which contains the project already done by the professor, the reason being because the next project, which would be project 5, includes the previous project already done since it is used in it.;What I want you to do is to understand the assignment and do it using the already completed one as a resource so it is much easier for you to understand what needs to be done. According to the instructions there are three things that need to be turned in, the cmparser.y, the ast.c, and the essay. I will give you the first two and then after those are completed do the essay but ignore the part that says to include any insights you might have shared with other students in the class.


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