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Write a raptor program that takes 7 test scores




Write a raptor program that takes 7 test scores a input and stores them in an array. I drops the lowest score, and computes the average of the remaining six scores. It outputs the average score.;Note that this assignment requires use of intermediate mode in raptor.;Your Raptor program should;1. Use a separate procedure LowestScore that figures out which score is the lowest. Pass your gradeArray to this method. It should return the lowest score in an out parameter.;2. Have a main procedure with two loops. One loop will request the test scores and store them in an array. The other loop adds up all of the scores. The main procedure then call the LowestScore procedure, and computes the average of the top six scores.;Remember Raptor arrays start at 1.;Sample Output;Please Enter 7 test scores;85;92;78;51;91;87;63;Your test average is 82.66667;Then using the flowchart as a guide write a C++program that does the same thing, remembering that Raptor arrays start at 1, but C++ arrays start at 0/ This C== version must display the average grade rounded to 1 decimal point.


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