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CIS 2656 P7 ? Pizza;Number;Number Problem;Project Name;Pizza;Solution Name;P7 see before;Location;Should not be in more than one folder deep;Example;Number Problem;1;Follow the StandardsA,B,C document in Course Documents Folder;2;Your assignment is to create an application that handles pizza orders;3;Give Pizza place a catchy name. Design the form to your liking.;4;Add some color and image(s);5;Pizza Prices (Small $6:00, Medium $8:00, Large $10.00, Extra Large $12.00);6;Item Prices (Small Pizza.50, Medium.75, Large 1.00, Extra Large 1.25) ? the price (text property) should be displayed next to the checkboxes.;7;You may choose any items you want to sell. You need a minimum of four items. Keep the number of items from 4 to 6.;8;Whenever the size of the pizza changes (checkedChanged), you need to change the prices displayed next to the items. You will need to change the price of the pizza and items price. You can use the click event or checkchanged even of the pizza sizes. You also need to recalculate and display the pizza price including the items in the Pizza Price Label whenever the Size or the Items Change.;If radSmallSize.checked then;pizzaSize = ?Small Pizza?;pizzaPrice = 6.00;itemPrice =.50;End If;You will need a variable for the pizza price based on the size, an item price and number of items. These variables should be declared at form level. Every time the size changes, you will need to set the two prices to the appropriate prices. Hint: Everytime the checkbox is clicked, you need to recalculate the number of items checked (count the checkboxes checked). You can combine checkChanged of the Checkboxes into one event handler.;If chkMushrooms.Checked then;numOfItems = numOfItems +1;End IF;If chkHam.Checked then;numOfItems = numOfItems +1;End IF;The Text Property (containing the item prices) of the Checkboxes will to change when the pizza size changes. You can combine the checkChanged events of pizza radiobuttons into one event handler.;If you want you can combine the checkedChanged event of all radio button and all checkboxes together and place most of you code in one place and eliminating a lot of duplicate code.;9;You must to write a sub procedure named CalPizzaPrice. The sub procedure will calculate the Pizza Price and display the Pizza Price. Pass the sub procedure the price of the pizza, the price of the items and number of items ordered. The pizza price label reflects the price of one pizza. Whenever a different pizza size is selected (radio button clicked) or number of pizza item changes (checkbox clicked) you are to call the sub procedure.;10;Add Pizza: The default qty should be one. When the user clicks the add button, add the pizza information to the receipt. The receipt should show the quantity, type of pizza ordered and the items ordered. When the user clicks the reset button: set the pizza to the small size, Uncheck the item checkboxes, Set the quantity to 1.;11;Soft drinks: Every time the number of soft drinks changes (Textchanged event) Recalculate the Total Price for the soft drinks and display the new Soft drink Total Price. When the user clicks reset. Clear all the Soft drink textboxes. When the user clicks the add button, add the soft drink to the receipt.;12;Receipt: Use a Listbox, read only, with scrollbars. Every time the user clicks the add button, add the items to the receipt. Make its font ?Courier New? This will allow each character to take up the same number of spaces. It will allow you align the data.;13;When the user clicks the Calculate Total button;Display the total (you need to update the total every time the user clicks the add buttons);Calculate the sales tax and display the tax. Rate is.06;Calculate the Grand Total and display it. You must code a Function name CalGrandTotal. Pass the function the total and sales tax amount. It should return the Grand Total.;Increment the receipt number by one and display it;Display the date and time;When the user clicks clear button: Clear the receipt, Display the Receipt titles, Reset the Pizza and soft drinks.;Make sure the Prices are right aligned (padleft) ? see #15;14;You need to show me 5 receipts (5 forms) do not press reset, Press calculate button for each test.;Put the test results in a word file named: P5TestResults.doc;Test number;Pizza Size;Number of Items;Pizza Price;1;Small;2;$7.00;2;Medium;1;$8.75;3;Large;3;$13.00;4;Extra Large;2;$14.50;5;SoftDrinks only;3 small, 2 medium. 1 large;Soft Drinks price $8.00;15;There is a string method for aligning a string on either right or left side. Important.;The padright aligns items on left side and padleft pads items on the right side. Search help;Pass as a parameter the size that you want the string to be.;Look at the Medium example on the sample form.;This is what we want to do: Line = ?Medium Drinks?.PadrRight(20) & ?2@1.50?.padLeft(10) & ?$3.00?.PadLeft(25);Using variables: Line = DrinkSize.PadRight(20) & numOfDrinksAndPrice.PadLeft(10) & drinkPrice.ToString(?C?).PadLeft(25);DrinkSize will be 20 characters long and it will be aligned on the left side. Since the size of the sting is 13 character long, it will be padded on the right side with 7 spaces.;numOfDrinksAndPrice will be 10 characters long and aligned on the left side. Since it is 6 characters long, it will be padded on the left side with 4 spaces.;drinkPrice will be converted to a string (currency). It will be aligned on the left side. It will take up 25 spaces. Since it is 6 characters, it will be padded on the left side with 19 spaces.;Use PadLeft to align numbers on the left side.;Use PadRight to Align Names on the right side.;#16;New Requirements;If the User clicks the Calculate button ?;Disable the Calculate and Two Add Buttons;btnCalculate.Enable = False;btnAddPizza.Enable = False;btnAddSoftDrink.Enable = False;#17;New Requirements;When the User clicks the Clear Button;Reset the Pizza and Soft Drinks (you may want two separate sub procedures to reset the Pizza Radio Buttons & Check Boxes and Soft Drink Textboxes;Then enable the Calculate, ADDPizza, AddSoftDrink buttons.;Example: btnCalculate.Enable = True


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