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ECT Introduction to Data Communications and Networking




Hello, I need to answer theses 10 question perfuctly I want A in this homework 2 mutible choises and 8 are writing answer and they must be enough and properit to the question to earn full mark DUE IN 10 h from now max;1-List three ways in which the OSI model, over the years, has facilitated the growth in network communications.;2-The ____ layer offers a way to set up half- and full-duplex communications. Answer;Communications;Network;Session;Transport;3- What is the difference between unicast and multicast packets?& Which is used more often by an application?;4- How does window size provide flow control?;5- At each layer of the OSI model, data is appended to the original message and then sent on to the next lower layer. What is this process called? Answer;encapsulation;deencapsulation;packetization;checkpointing;6- Discuss the two appraoches toward congestion control.;7- Describe TCP's connection establishement and closure.;8- Why do we need the session layer.;9- How does the transport layer use stop and wait to control flow of data.;10- What are the functions of the presentation layer.


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