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Develop the footer that will be used on the rest of your submissions in this course. The footer should have the appropriate linked validation images at the bottom of the page that verify compliance as well as include the proper PHP functions to show the last time the page was modified at the file level.;Identify the differences between the PHP GET and POST methods. Create an XHTML form for a web poll that uses the GET method, the POST method, and ranks both methods. Each poll should have a field that is able to store the name of the ranker, at least 5 features that a user can rank using radio buttons (e.g., from strong to weak, or secure to unsecure), and a comments section. Upon submission of the poll, the user should be taken to a page that gives a nicely formatted results report. The web poll that ranks the GET method should use the GET method and the poll that ranks the POST method should use the POST method.


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