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Assignment;Write a program to evaluate an infix expression, which is terminated with an equal sign (=). For example, 2 + (3 * (4 - 2) - 5) / (2 + 1) - ((2)) =;The expression will contain single digit non-negative integer numbers from 0 through 9, operators +, -, *, / for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, respectively. The result of the division is the quotient, thus, it is an integer division. Parenthesis ?(? and ?)? can be freely used to enforce operator precedence and left-to-right association, otherwise, multiplication and division take higher precedence over addition and subtraction.;You can work in teams of two, members of the team get the same grade. You can assume that the input expression is syntactically correct, thus, no error checking is necessary. The program must be well commented, including who did which part. You will echo the input then print the result.;What to turn in;Turn in the hard copy and screen shots for test results


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