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Hello;I am seeking assistance with the attached web assignment. Please be expert in Web Development, Design, PHP, and content management through MySql. I have taken web development however it has been quite some time ago and am now in need of contant assistance from expert tutor in this field. I have attached the assignment. There are two seperate parts. I have already obtained a web host and domain name.;Part I has been started but cannot figure how to resolve the error messages I get when I run W3 validator (have to do this for all pages and print validation at bottom of web page). Part II has not been started yet. I would love to find a tutor who can actually tutor me on the subject at least 1-2 times a week however these assignments are approaching deadline and I need to have these completed ASAP. If job is well done I would be willing to pay for tutoring sessions. Please explain details of work completed (can be commented in code) so that I can understand as well as any errors I have done in this assignment. Again, please be expert in subject as much work will be needed. Please see attached for detailed instructions.;Thanks


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