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1. Do problem 6 on page 145 of the Adams Book. Show your work. 3 points.;2. Do problem 7 on page 146 of the Adams Book. Show your work. 3 points.;16 points.;4. Use the machinations language to prototype and playtest your core game mechanism. On page 136 and 137 the basic FPS economy is described. As stated there, the key relationship in a FPS economy is that between fighting aggressively and losing ammo and health. In order to make the game last more than a few seconds you will need to add positive feedback loops that provide rewards in terms of those resources. Here you are invited to play around with your current economy to see how well it works.;a. Give your current game economy diagram. What are the limits on health and ammunition in your game? Are there any other resources limitations besides these two? 3 points;b. How are these limited resources replenished? Each should be related to a positive feedback loop. Modify your diagram to include these loops for health and ammo. 3 points;c. Implement Figure 6.44 on p. 137 of the Adams book. Playtest your game against that game using the same parameters from that game (e.g. 50% chance for 5 new rounds of ammunition when an enemy is killed, and 20% chance of the enemy dropping a health kit). Give the curves that result. How do the two compare in terms of overall performance? What are the pros and cons of your game economy here? 3 points;d. Now modify the game economy for a second level. In that level there are more enemies (and perhaps more skilled) and this will make it harder to kill them (requires more ammo) and more likely to reduce health. Adjust the parameters you used above to reflect these new stresses. Give your new curves. It is likely that you will see a downward spiral. 3 points;e. Add one or more feedback loops to counteract that in this second level. The less ammo a player has the more likely they are to kill an enemy. How does that affect the play test curve here? Generate and describe. 3 points.;f. What other suggestions do you have about modifying your core game economy based upon your play testing here? 1 point;10 points.;3. Current prototype status.;? Turn in a prototype of your 3D game so far. (4 points);? Give screen shots of some example scenarios. (4 points);? What additional features do you need to add in order to complete the game? Make sure that you describe each in terms of the game requirements, interface, game play, and game mechanics when appropriate. Do not say, none as an answer. Even if you think that you are done describe what you would like to add in if time permits. (2 points)


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