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HOMEWORK 7;SIMPLE POINTERS;Write a C program that will calculate the gross pay of a set of employees. Declare an array of structures to hold your employees as well as a pointer to it. Do not use any array references with indexes.;emp.wage /* this is bad, it uses an array reference with an index, in this case, i */;emp_ptr->wage, /* this is good, it uses a pointer to reference the wage value */;The program determines the overtime hours (anything over 40 hours), the gross pay and then outputs a table in the following format.;Column alignment, leading zeros in Clock#, and zero suppression in float fields is important.;Use 1.5 as the overtime pay factor.;---------------------------------------------------------;Name Clock# Wage Hours OT Gross;---------------------------------------------------------;Connie Cobol 098401 10.60 51.0 11.0 598.90;Mary Apl 526488 9.75 42.5 2.5 426.56;Frank Fortran 765349 10.50 37.0 0.0 388.50;Jeff Ada 034645 12.25 45.0 5.0 581.88;Anton Pascal 127615 10.00 40.0 0.0 400.00;---------------------------------------------------------;You should implement this program using a structure similar to the suggested one below to store the information for each employee. Feel free to tweak it if you wish. For example, its OK to have a first and last name member instead of just a name member, and if you want to use different types (such as long or double), that is OK as well.;struct employee;char name [20];int id;float wage;float hours;float overtime;float gross;Use the following information to initialize your data.;Connie Cobol 98401 10.60;Mary Apl 526488 9.75;Frank Fortran 765349 10.50


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