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Use your text editor to open the kansastxt.htm fi le and the dist1txt.htm through




1. Use your text editor to open the kansastxt.htm fi le and the dist1txt.htm through;dist4txt.htm fi les from the tutorial.02\case3 folder included with your Data Files.;Enter your name and the date in the comment section of each fi le. Save the fi les as;kansas.htm and district1.htm through district4.htm, respectively.;2. Go to the kansas.htm fi le in your text editor. Use the meta element to specify your;name as the document author, and Kansas and elections as keywords for Web search;engines.;3. Create a semantic link in the document head linking this document to the Offi ce of;the Kansas Secretary of State at the following address;;Use a rel attribute value of external for the link;4. Set the base target of the Web page to new so that links on the page open, by;default, in a new browser window or tab.;5. Go to the page body, and then directly below the header element insert a navigation;list with the following content;a. An h2 heading with the text News Sources;b. An unordered list containing the following entries: Yahoo! News, FOX News;CNN, MSNBC, Google News, New York Times, digg, Washington Post, LATimes;Reuters, ABCNews, and USA Today.;c. Look up the Web addresses of the 12 news sources and link your list entries to the;appropriate Web sites. Set the rel attribute of each link to external.;6. Scroll down to the last paragraph before the fi gure box and link the text Secretary of;State to the Offi ce of the Kansas Secretary of State Web site.;7. Directly below the fi gure box, create an image map named kansasdistricts containing;four polygonal hotspots for each of the four Kansas congressional districts. Use;the coordinates found in the dcoords.txt fi le as the coordinates of the hotspots.;8. Set the hotspots in your image map to access the district1.htm, district2.htm, district3.;htm, and district4.htm fi les, using the target attribute value of _self so that;those Web pages open within the current browser window or tab.;9. Apply the kansasdistricts image map to the kansasmap.png inline image.;10. Save your changes to the fi le.;11. Go to the district1.htm fi le in your text editor.;12. Directly below the opening tag, insert a navigation list containing an;unordered list with the items District 1, District 2, District 3, and District 4. Link each entry to its corresponding Web page in the ElectionWeb Web site.;13. Scroll down to the last paragraph before the fi gure box and link the text statewide;races to the kansas.htm fi le.;14. Apply the same image map you created in Step 7 for the kansas.htm fi le to the kansasmap.;png inline image.;15. Save your changes to the fi le.;16. Open the district2.htm, district3.htm, and district4.htm fi les in your text editor and;repeat Steps 12 through 15 for each fi le.;17. Open the kansas.htm fi le in your Web browser and verify that you can navigate;through Allison?s sample pages by clicking the hypertext links within the page body;and within the image maps. Verify that you can access the external Web sites listed;in the news sources and the Offi ce of the Kansas Secretary of State.;18. Submit your completed project to your instructor, in either printed or electronic;form, as requested.


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