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Convert the class below to




//COMP201 Project 5: Convert the class below to ADT (addaccessors, mutators, constructors and //equals() function. All data will be private. Rewrite main() driver. Write the equals //function before refactoring to ADT and rewrite after to see the necessary changes.;#include;usingnamespace std;class DayOfYear;{ public;void output();int month;int day;int main();{ DayOfYear today, birthday;cout<< "Enter today's date:\n;cout< >today.month;cout< >;cout<< "Enter your birthday:\n;cout< >birthday.month;cout< >;cout<< "Today's date is;today.output();cout<< "Your birthday is;birthday.output();if (today.month == birthday.month&& ==;cout<< "Happy Birthday!\n;else;cout<< "Happy Unbirthday!\n;return 0;//Uses iostream;void DayOfYear::output();{ cout<< "month = " << month << ", day = " << day <


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