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A. Lab # CIS CIS170C-A7 B. Lab 7 of 7: Sequential Files C. Lab Overview - Scenario/Summary You will code, build, and execute a program that requires sequential files to create an address database. Learning Outcomes;1. Continue using a menu system with console applications;2. Be able to write a console application;3. Demonstrate entering, appending, storing, and retrieving records;4. Be able to write lines of output to a text file in order to create a report D. Deliverables Section Deliverable Points Step Program Listing and Output 45 E. Lab Steps Preparation: If you are using the Citrix remote lab, follow the login instructions located in the iLab tab in Course Home. Locate the Visual Studio 2010 icon and launch the application. Lab;Step 1: Requirements: An Address Database Create a C++ console application that will store and retrieve names and addresses in a text file. The program should do the following.;1. It should accept a series of names and addresses from the console.;2. The user's input should be written to a text file in the CSV format described in the lecture, but do not include the field names in the first row of the file.;3. Read the records from the text file, and display them in a user-friendly format.;4. Provide a menu to allow the user to append records to the file, display the records, or exit the application. Build upon the code below to complete the assignment.;#include;#include;#include;using namespace std;void menu(void);void writeData(void);void readData(void);string * split(string, char);const char FileName[] = "TestAddress.txt;int main ();menu();return 0;//end main;void menu(void);//allow user to choose to append records, display records or exit the program;//end menu;void writeData(void);//Write the Address Info to a file;//end write data;void readData(void);//read data from a file;//use the split function to break a;//deliminated line of text into fields;//end read data;string * split(string theLine, char theDeliminator);//Break theline into fields and save the fields to an array.;//Each field will occupy one element in a character array.;//theLine is a string with fields separated with theDeliminator character.;//Assumes the last field in the string is terminated with a newline.;//Useage: string *theFields = split(lineBuffer, ',');//determine how many splits there will be so we can size our array;int splitCount = 0;for(int i = 0, i < theLine.size(), i++);if (theLine[i] == theDeliminator);splitCount++;splitCount++, //add one more to the count because there is not an ending comma;//create an array to hold the fields;string* theFieldArray;theFieldArray = new string[splitCount];//split the string into seperate fields;string theField = ";int commaCount = 0;for(int i = 0, i < theLine.size(), i++){ //read each character and look for the deliminator;if (theLine[i] != theDeliminator);theField += theLine[i], //build the field;else { //the deliminator was hit so save to the field to the array;theFieldArray[commaCount] = theField, //save the field to the array;theField = ";commaCount++;theFieldArray[commaCount] = theField, //the last field is not marked with a comma...;return theFieldArray;//end split;Using the pseudocode below, write the code that will meet the requirements.;The pseudocode for the writeData function is shown below.;Start;open the text file to append;start do while loop;Allow user to enter name;store name (using getline method);Allow user to enter city;store city (using getline method)..;write name, city, etc. to the file;end loop;close the file;End;The program input should appear similar to this;Append Records;Name..........John Smith;Street.........902 Union Ave;City............Any Town;State...........TX;Zip Code......78552;Enter another Record? (Y/N);The file structure should look like this;John Smith, 902 Union Ave, Any Town, TX, 79552;Eric Jones, 345 State Way, Fresno, CA, 93432...;The file output should appear similar to the following;Show Records;Record #1;Name...........John Smith;Street..........902 Union Ave;City.............Any Town;State...........TX;Zip Code......78552;Record #2;Name...........Eric Jones;Street..........345 State Way;City.............Fresno;State...........CA;Zip Code.......93432;(A)ppend Records, (S)how Records, (E)xit;Step 4: Compile and Execute;Compile your program. Eliminate all the syntax errors.;Build your program and verify the results of the program. Make corrections to the program logic, if necessary, until the results of the program execution are what you expect.


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