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Facility Management System




Project 2: Object Wiring Using Spring and O/R Mapping Using Hibernate ? A;Facility Management System;Project Description;In this project, we will change the object dependency and collaboration management from directly;instantiating to Dependency Injection container (Spring). We will also change the data access;mechanism from JDBC to O/R Mapping tool (hibernate).;- Domain Modeling and implementation and mapping domain model to persistence model;- Implementing the data access layer by designing and implementing the persistence layer using;relational tables to map to objects and the required/necessary data access objects.;You need to design and implement;? Spring container configuration for Dependency Injection for the application that you;developed in Project 1.;? Using ApplicationContext Mechanism;? Dependency relationship using XML;? O/R Mapping between classes and tables in XML;? Hibernate configuration;Supporting documents;? Class examples for both Dependency Injection and O/R Mapping.;? Object Wiring Using Spring (;? Object/Relational Mapping Using Hibernate;;;Project Expectation;- Submission of Design and Code;Project Submission and Grading;- 20% of total grade


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