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Write a two-and-a-half-page paper describing a network management system identified on a currently-dated vendor website (Cisco, HP, Sun, SolarWinds, CA, Network General, IBM, etc.).;Network Management Systems;NetW420: Enterprise Network Management;Professor;DeVry University;Date;***EXAMPLE of a Good COVER PAGE***;A Network Management System refers to a combination of hardware and software;that is used for the purpose of monitoring a network. SolarWinds is a vendor that provides;Network Management software. Some pieces of software that SolarWinds manufactures;and will be discussed throughout the duration of this paper are: Orion NPM, ipMonitor and;Engineer?s Toolset.;Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is essentially the foundation of a;EXAMPLE;network management system. SNMP is what allows network specifics, maps;characteristics and usage statistics to be made on a network. The three software pieces;that will briefly be discussed throughout the duration of this paper all operate through the;usage of the SNMP protocol.;Of the three pieces of software that SolarWinds manufactures, the first piece that;will be discussed is the Orion Network Performance Monitor. ?Orion NPM enables you to;quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network outages and performance issues? (Orion;2009). Orion NPM is a network management system that provides many features and;tools for monitoring a network. Orion NPM has an additional feature that allows it to be;web-enabled. This allows network managers to monitor a network remotely over the;EXAMPLE of a how the MAIN BODY;internet. Orion NPM also allows network managers to monitor and analyze real-time;should look with access formatting;network statistics for: routers, switches, wirelessproperpoints, servers and other SNMP;enabled devices. The primary benefit of using a tool such as Orion NPM is that it gives;you a broad snapshot of your network in regards to usage statistics, down-time, outages;and so forth. This is helpful in that it helps isolate problems while providing flexibility to the;network manager so that they can recognize issues and make adjustments to their;network. Orion NPM also provides scalable solutions, so that as the network grows, Orion;2;continues to accommodate that growth. There are many features offered in the Orion;NPM management suite such as;Performance and Fault Management;(See figure to the right), Advanced;Alerting, Integrated Wireless Poller;Universal Device Poller, Network Atlas;Cisco EnergyWise Monitoring and even;VMware Virtualization Monitoring. There;are also an abundant amount of additional features built-into the Orion NPM management;suite that unfortunately will not be discussed throughout the remainder of this paper, but;can be researched further in the references provided below.;The next network management suite developed by SolarWinds that will be;discussed is ipMonitor. ?SolarWinds ipMonitor delivers out-of-the-box, up/down monitoring;that is perfect for keeping up with your network devices, servers, and applications?;EXAMPLE of a how the;(IPMonitor, 2009). Also built upon SNMP, ipMonitor is capable of building a network map;GRAPHICS are added and;of all devices, servers and applications on your network. IpMonitor does this through the;referenced in main body;use of a tool called Smart Monitor which provides an overview of the status on each of the;devices, servers and applications within your network. IpMonitor also has an autodiscovery feature that allows it to seamlessly integrate within your network, providing a;network manager efficient statistics and a network map. While ipMonitor does not provide;a vast amount of tools compared to other suites offered by SolarWinds, it does provide;efficient network management services at an affordable price.;3;The final network management tool developed by SolarWinds that will be;discussed within this paper is the Engineers Toolset. ?includes a collection of powerful;network management tools, all of which can be easily accessed through the new;Workspace Studio to quickly resolve issues right from your desktop? (Network, 2009).;Some of the features offered within the;Engineers Toolset include: Network;Performance Monitor, Bandwidth Gauge;SNMP Real-Time Graph (See figure to the;left), Real-Time Interface Monitor, Syslog;Server and DHCP Scope Monitor to name a;few. These tools are all listed as monitoring tools, whereas the Engineers Toolkit also;provides an abundant amount of additional tools with categories such as: Monitoring;Tools, Discovery Tools, Diagnostic Tools and Cisco Tools. The real power of the;Engineers Toolset is that it is capable of managing an abundant amount of information of;the network similar to the other tools, with the addition of making changes/fixes/tweaks on;the fly remotely. So as you can see, there is a plethora amount of tools included within the;Engineers Toolset in regards to EXAMPLE of a how the;network management.;To conclude, the network management systems and;GRAPHICS are added developed by SolarWinds that;were discussed would be the Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM), ipMonitor and;referenced in main body;the Engineers Toolset. All of these tools use the SNMP protocol and provide a copious;amount of tools and features. Each fall under the umbrella of being a network;management system, while having their own respective purposes and serve those;purposes efficiently.;4;References;IpMonitor network monitoring software from SolarWinds. (n.d.). Retrieved September 14;2009, from;Network management tools product information - The Engineer's Toolset from;SolarWinds. (n.d.). Retrieved September 14, 2009, from;;Orion NPM: Explore Network Monitoring Software Features - SolarWinds. (n.d.).;Retrieved September 14, 2009, from;;EXAMPLE of a how the;REFERENCES are;identified and formatted;See next page for grading RUBRIC;The following paper was an OUTSTANDING PAPER ? This is the Grading RUBRIC which is;outline for each week in the Assignment section.;5;Assignment Description;Points;Write a two and one?half page report describing a Network Management System;identified on a currently?dated vendor web site (Cisco, HP, Sun, SolarWinds, CA;Network General, IBM, etc.) (graded);Length: (8 points);Papers must be two and one half pages in length, use a 12 point font, be double;spaced, and be in your words. You can reference and quote from your references;but those additions do not count towards your two and one half page requirement.;Content: (10 points);Papers must be in your words and cover the research topic given for the week. You;can reference and quote from your references, but those additions do not count;towards your two and one half page requirement. Using cut and paste and quotes;not referenced and presented as your work will result in point deductions.;Paraphrases and quotes can add value if they are referenced. However, they do not;count towards your minimum two and one half page length requirement.;Graphics: (4 points);Graphics from websites need to be included and referenced properly. Graphics do;not count toward the length requirement. Graphics must be integrated within main;body of the paper and associated with commentary;References: (10 points);At least two technical references are required for full credit on each weekly research;paper. Note that Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference. Also, the textbook cannot;be your only references in a technical paper, it is a nice place to start, but you need;something else to count as a reference. The course textbook can be used as a;reference, however, you cannot use it as part of your two required references.;Deductions for references will be as follows;NO references (10 point deduction);References only including the textbook and/or wikipedia (7 point deduction);References not in APA format (4 point deduction);APA Format: (8 points);Your paper must conform to APA Format "Cover Page? Main Body/Graphics?;References". (Remember, Microsoft Office 2007 has a template for APA Format. Use;the MS Office Templates section to search for the APA template.) Note: See Student;Resource Center >Writing Source > APA Resource Center for details.;Total;6;8;10;4;10;8;40;/40


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