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Hi;I would like to engage you for a Database Project assignment that I have.;Below are the rough details;- 6 to 8 page report long;- Regarding class diagrams and data models;- Need to choose a database problem that has 3 to 5 related classes;- To include in the report are relevant screenshots of MS Excel;The full details are in the document ?Database Project Details?. I have summarised what I understand from the original document ?Chapter 2? ? if you wish so, you can read it up (page 3 to 8). I will also send you the document ?Chapter 8?, if you wish to revise on class diagrams and data models.;The document ?Database Project Sample? is the minimum standard that I would accept. I hope your experience in IT would assist much in this assignment.;I would require it to be completed by 1 week (starting from when order is made).;Are all these possible?;Do quote your price, and I?ll make the necessary purchase.


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