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CIS-512 WEEK 10 DISCUSSION 1;Multitasking and Virtual Memory" Please respond to the following;Modern microcomputer systems support multitasking. Applications can be written to spawn multiple threads to execute different parts of an application in parallel, thus reducing the total execution time. Examine five issues that can result from running thousands of threads that could reduce the total execution times of applications.;Microprocessors and operating systems that support virtual memory make it possible to use more memory in a system than physically installed. Examine five problems that applications could experience as a result of virtual memory. Determine which problem out of the five has the most impact.;please provide references.;CIS-512 WEEK10 Discussion 2;Algorithms and Architecture" Please respond to the following;Provide three best practices that operating systems designers and developers could use to decide on which CPU scheduling algorithm to implement. Select the CPU scheduling algorithm that you would use for a robot controlled by an operating system and explain why.;Compare and contrast an NOS with an RTOS. Determine at least three criteria that should be used to decide on whether to use an NOS or RTOS in a distributed architecture.;Please provide references.;Please do every discussion in a separate answer.;one to two page per discussion.;please provide references for each discussion.;please find attached to help you.


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