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Assignment;This exercise begins with information for an IT Consultant Business Startup. Working in Microsoft Project, you will create the task list, including summary tasks and their sub-tasks, create links between tasks and their predecessors, add resources, and make changes to the original plan.;A. Enter the tasks, including the specified duration, specified predecessors, and specified resources from the HW9Data file. Make the Start date of the project: June 24, 2014.;B. Your business in charge of the IT Consultant Business Startup will be observing a week holiday for the week of the 4 th of July and for the week of Labor Day. Be sure to enter the working exceptions for these holidays through the working time of the project, not through individual tasks or resources. After you make your corrections, identify the Original Finish Date for the entire project. Save the baseline at this point.;C. Your CEO feels the cost for the project to be excessive. Due to other projects planned, the CEO has asked for you to reduce the total cost for the project. The target budget for this operation is $55,000. Think carefully about the duration of the tasks and the resources required to make the project a success. Document the changes (ID number, task name, duration change, resource change, etc.) you plan on making to get the project under $55,000. Justify why you made the changes you did. Identify the new final cost of the project.;For your written response to B and C, submit a Word document. Remember to make your changes in response to C in the project.


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