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Questions;1) Briefly introduce yourself to your professor and classmates. Tell us your name, your major and year in school, your branch of service (if military), your job title and a brief description of your job, where you live, why you are taking this class and what you hope to learn, and what you like to do for fun. Also let me know if you have been able to access the e-book or textbook for this course. Please keep your introduction brief, as the bulk of your post should be your answers to questions #2-6. Your grade is based on questions #2-6, which should comprise the bulk (at least 300 words) of your 350 word post. Your answer to question #1 is not part of your Week 1 Forum grade. Thank you!;2) For your research paper this semester, you will be applying what you learn about the management of information technology to a company of your choice. This should be a company which you have familiarity with. Many working students choose the company or organization where they work. If you are not working, feel free to choose a company you have done business with and have some familiarity with. Since you will be sharing your analysis of the information technology needs of your company on the forums throughout the semester, it is important that no two students choose the same company. If you are in the military, you might want to choose the unit or command that you work for. What company would you like to analyze this semester? If you have not decided on one company, feel free to discuss the companies you are considering, and I will give you feedback to help guide you in your choice.;3) How is your company currently affected by the digital economy? What issues does your company need to consider in regards to doing business in the digital economy?;4) What business pressures does your company face and how can technology help them to meet the demands of these pressures?;5) What information systems does your company currently use? How would you classify these systems, according to the types of information systems discussed in section 2.2 of the textbook?;6) How does IT support people and organizational activities in your company?;Assignment must contain 350 words, but leave questions 1 unanswered as I will answer it.


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